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Jardins du Luxembourg statue parterre fleurs   630x405   © OTCP David Lefranc I 138 29

Jardin du Luxembourg: A Largest Public Park in Paris

One of the things besides the obvious which is their beauty that I love about the parks in Paris, France is that their names in French make them sound almost magical. Here we have Jardin de Luxembourg which is located near the Sorbonne University and

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South Dakota is a Great Place for Vacation

It’s easy to find articles trying to entice people to relocate to North Dakota. Like this one published by Livability: 8 Reasons to Move to North Dakota. You get no argument from me PRO or CON. North Dakota might be the best state in the USA to

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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us To See The Past

I Will Go Back In Past If I Travel Faster Than Light I have read a number of advertisements which offer you to travel back in time but here I don’t mean traveling back in your past but the real travel in the past which