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Ayurveda and The Various ‘Asava’ and ‘Arishta’ Used in Treatment

‘Arishta’ and ‘asava’ are self-generated herbal fermentations that are part of traditional ayurvedic system of medicines for treating various diseases. The method of preparation of arishta and asava is known as sandhana kalpana or sadhana kriya in Ayurveda, wherein the method of aqueous alcoholic extraction

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The various Polyherbal Ayurvedic Formulations Using Guggulu

Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) is a potent herbal resin, widely used in traditional Ayurvedic preparations. Guggulu is a Sanskrit word, which literally means, “Protects from disease”. Guggulu has the unique ability to deliver herbs deep into the tissues, at the same time getting rid of accumulated