Food and Spices That Improves Your Health

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Add these foods and spices in your daily menu to improve your health and prevent various diseases

Ginger Benefits

Add ginger in your food. It helps you in solving problems like loss of appetite and other issues related to digestion.

Ginger improves the digestion and absorption of important nutrients in the body.

Do not feel hungry? Have a small piece of fresh ginger before meals. It will set in motion your digestive juices.


Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Add honey to your tea. It provides you with antioxidant polyphenolic compounds related with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


Do you want a smooth and radiant skin? Make a paste of gram flour with lemon juice and apply it on your skin.

Lemon is a scented antiseptic agent and is helpful in relaxation of the feet. Add some lemon juice in warm water and keep your feet in it for quick relief.


Onions are good for your hair. If you suffer from constant hair fall include them in your meals. Onions have a high content of sulphur and it strengthens the hair.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin, very rich in iron increases the hemoglobin content and also helps to treat anemia. It also helps improve immunity.

Apple, Mango and Banana for Arthritis

Apples contain antioxidants and vitamins. It helps in fighting arthritis and reduces strain on the joints.

Sweet mangoes make the body strong. Because of this, you do not suffer much from arthritis.

There are people who eat one or two bananas after lunch and dinner. But bananas are great even as food, mainly if you want some quick relief with your arthritis.


Olive oil is a good fat. It can be used in your every day cooking.


Lot of fruits is anti-inflammatory in nature. Apricots are one such anti-inflammatory fruits which you can very well include in your shopping list and buy as often as possible.


Eggs have a nutrient called choline. It is good in building cell membranes and produce signaling molecules in the brain.

Black cardamom

Black cardamom is helpful for people suffering from respiratory problems. The spice warms up the respiratory tract and eases air circulation.

Fennel for cardiovascular health

Fennel is used for cardiovascular health. It decreases the re-absorption of cholesterol by the body.


Tulsi or holy basil relieves stress, strengthens immunity and helps digestion.


Ordinary potatoes and sweet potatoes are good sources of manganese. Manganese is necessary for maintaining the health of the bones.


Eat pineapples. They are loaded with manganese and helps in strengthening your bones as well as the tissues connected with it.

Author: Rajaraman K

An enthusiastic blogger and writer who wishes to share info with others.

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