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Writing Contests

We have launched a writing contest on Rational Mind.


The articles should be at least 400 words.

The article should be unique, never published on any site.

The submitted article should be original, not copied from other sources and written entirely by you.

The article should be properly optimized for search engine, with focus keywords.

The article should be informative. We will not entertainment personal posts, poetry or short stories.

The article can be on any topic but not on porn, gambling, drugs, alcohol, weapons and hate messages.


All approved articles will be rewarded $1.


The contest is open to the existing as well as new members.

All submitted articles will be eligible for contest.

Contest ends on July 15.

We have decided to halt the contest until further notice. However, we promise to reopen the contest soon.

I am a newbie to this site and I need to post some articles not as an entry for this writing contest. Nevertheless it is temporarily suspended, so far so good. How I wish I could be given the privilege as a writer or as an author so that I could post worthwhile articles for information, for entertainment or for do-it-yourself task to benefit the readers to develop a skill and a source of income then.

Don't worry about me for I know how to follow rules religiously. I am not scam writer. I hope this request would be granted. If not, well I have no choice. I do respect your decision or the decision of the admin per se.