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Ten Facts About Me

Ten facts about me? If someone challenged you to write ten facts about yourself could you do it? For me, writing ten facts is not a challenge. Writing ten fun facts might be a tad bit complicated. But ten facts? Easy peasy! Here goes. Facts


Are young people worse off today than previous generations?

Are young people worse off today than previous generations? Excellent question. All generations have a song about “youth” or “being young”. Probably every generation has old folks (who were the children of previous generations) telling young folks about the “good old days” which certainly appear

Your child- A good Future Citizen

Do you think your children need your guidance?Life is too precious so I can’t leave it on its own course. I must take every step as I take when going to appear in an interview or I should play every shot as cautiously as I

My Favorite Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor

In America, the word “icon” is often applied to a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of the society and culture and worthy of honor or great respect. Many celebrities or movie stars are often described as icons. If you were judging them

Face Your Difficult time With Courage

A different Lady Gaga I was going through an article in a magazine about problems faced by Stefani O Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady gaga recently. After reading her story my views have changed or I should say I have become even more positive about

Surviving a heartbreak

This is one issue in life that we hate to confront but the fact still remains that it might come when one least expected it but that’s life for you. It comes with both pains and laughter and the best bet is to be strong