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Health Benefits of Moringa Olifera (Shigru)

Traditional medicinal plants have long been used to treat various ailments in the primary health care system in India. Moringa Oleifera (Shigru) is the most widely cultivated species, fast-growing, drought-resistant, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in north western India, and widely cultivated in tropical and

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Anti-Ageing Super Nutrients Which Retard Your Ageing Process

Over the past century, dozens of ideas, theories and hypotheses have made their way through the halls of universities and laboratories around the world to understand the true mechanism of aging. Most of the so-called “causes of aging” come from internal sources such as the

How Meditating on Breathing Can Reduce Stress and Calm Your Mind

Breathing Awareness Meditation or Simply Breathing Meditation is a fundamental meditation technique. If you are beginning to meditate, we would recommend that you should start by learning this meditation. This Simple Technique is one of the most effective way to calm the mind, reduce stress

Walk is best for your overall health

Walking is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health Walking is the simplest and most effective physical exercise that keeps you hale and healthy sans ailments all along the life. The first and foremost benefit of walking in the early hours is a

How to Manage Pain Through Meditation

You heard it right. You can actually manage pain through meditation. There have been numerous studies that have proved that you can actually meditate pain away. One of such researches was published on the Journal of Pain, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Pain Society,

Healthy Weight Loss is Not an Elusive Butterfly

A new year began and already almost half of the year is over. One of the most common goals or objectives that many people resolve to do each and every year is what? Weight loss. Right? However, it doesn’t take long after you get started,

The Various ‘Asava’ and ‘Arishtha’ Used in Ayurvedic Treatment

‘Arishta’ and ‘asava’ are self-generated herbal fermentations that are part of traditional ayurvedic system of medicines for treating various diseases. The method of preparation of arishta and asava is known as sandhana kalpana or sadhana kriya in Ayurveda, wherein the method of aqueous alcoholic extraction