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Garlic a Bouquet of Health

Garlic is a wonderful way to flavor any kind of food. Crushed garlic is even great mixed in with cottage cheese. Garlic also has many health benefits to it as well. Nearly 5000 years ago the Sumerians acknowledged garlic. Many writers have referred to it


Seafood: Which is More Nutritional? Salmon or Trout?

Seafood is included in the diets of people all around the world because of its nutritional value.  Everyone will probably agree that trout and salmon are both highly valued food. Either that or the fishmonger at the local grocery store is charging a fortune for

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Desserts Made With My Favorite Secret Ingredient

Desserts! YUM! There are very few people in the world will refuse a delicious dessert. Parents tell their kids: “If you eat all your vegetables, you’ll get dessert!” or “Finish your food or you won’t get any dessert!“ Kids grow up and tell themselves: “Life

Onions For a Healthy Lifestyle

People either love or hate onions. Onions are versatile and can be added to many different kinds of recipes like soups, omelets, casseroles, and just plain thinly sliced onion on burgers. The problem is that people who say they hate onions are doing their bodies

Know Your Sorrel

This leafy plant is nice and green, resembles spinach and has a tart flavor. A lot of people compare its taste to lemons however having eaten it I would say it is a whole lot less tart. It has lots of minerals. Fresh sorrel is

Healthy Weight Loss is Not an Elusive Butterfly

A new year began and already almost half of the year is over. One of the most common goals or objectives that many people resolve to do each and every year is what? Weight loss. Right? However, it doesn’t take long after you get started,

Add A Pinch Of Salt To Your Coffee

Do you enjoy having a cup of coffee every morning? As we all know, the coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks all over the globe. Numerous studies have examined the effects of the coffee on various aspects of our health and the

Why Hot Cocoa Tastes Better In An Orange Cup?

A study conducted by a group of scientists from Europe has indicated that the color of the container where the food or beverage is served has an impact on how it tastes. The participants to the survey had to sample hot cocoa from differently colored