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Your Skin Needs Special Care

Do you know your skin is sensitive? I wonder when they say beauty is all about color, looks, and has nothing to do with a person’s talent etc. It is also true that skin color and facial beauty is natural and there is no personal

Akoya Pearls

Lovely cultured Akoya pearls are also known as Japanese Akoya pearls and are not grown only in Japan but also in South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, and China. These kinds of pearls are cultivated in bivalve mollusks. These are pearl oysters which produce smaller cultured pearls

A Shiny World of Pearls

For centuries all over the globe, people have loved and treasured pearls. Women for their beauty and how they look wearing pearls and men for the money they can make from selling pearls. To be able to sell or purchase pearls one has to know

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Precious or Semi-Precious Stones

Based on evidence gathered from archaeological digs we know that precious and semi-precious stones were highly valued in ancient times, just like they are in today’s world. What we don’t really KNOW but we can probably guess from historical references in records and documents; and

The Modern History of Women’s Underwear

History has brought into light how leather, wool and linen were among the first materials to be used in making of all lingerie.  Later on, other materials like cotton, mixed cotton and Lycra were used. However, in terms of fabric, the popular choices among the