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As imperfect beings striving and struggling to be perfect, it can be so difficult to love someone unconditionally, lots of love and loving comes with conditions which it’s not supposed to be so. Some people love because of money, height, earthly possession, skin type or


Most of the females put a stop to their professional life and end up being a “stay at home mom”. You can call it demand of time or family but trust me, this is definitely one of the most challenging jobs. Undoubtedly becoming a mother

7 practical ways to stop a man from cheating

Personally, I don’t think cheating is a man’s nature but this happens when they begin to think along that line and probably have friends that cheat and sees cheating like every other game that should be played to either experiment or have some experience with

Do you need a company to feel loved or stay happily?

Is this an advert for a dating site? And when I say “Do you need a company to feel loved or stay happily then no I am not talking about a dating or marriage sites like these  No certainly not! But it’s all about

4 Tips to be Happy and Contended

What makes you feel happy and satisfied in life? If you ask me this question, I would say a good, loving and caring family, close friends and well-run relationships bring happiness in life. People are either obsessed with what has happened in the past or