Blogging Tips: Stand-Alone Blog and Social Blogging

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My blogging adventures started several years back. So far I have not earned a consistent monthly income. But the fact that income has been earned gives hope and motivates me to persist. There are many blog publishing platforms that are free to try out. Free really does mean free! Some platforms allow more customization than others. All the ones I’ve tried so far have been a worthwhile work experience.

Refer back to my previous article “Every Newbie Blogger Needs Advice and Encouragement”. You should find the blogging tips helpful. This is yet another article intended to provide additional incentive and motivation because almost every day somebody either decides or tries to decide whether or not they should blog, especially when it comes to blogging for money. When I decided to become a blogger, I answered the following 3 questions.

Q: Are you a thinker?

  • A: Aren’t we all?

Q: Do you like to write?

  • A: I prefer to write. Talking is not my strong point.

Q: Do you maintain a diary?

  • A: No.

In my mind, blogging is basically me thinking, writing down my thoughts, and maintaining a diary or “logged entries”. Only my plans are to use the blog to earn income.

The Frustrations of Blogging

What is frustrating is teaching yourself how to use a publishing platform and just when you finally think you know how it works, that’s when something changes. You don’t know why. All you know is you’re frustrated and can’t think of a valid reason why a product or service that was working fine and consistently – had to be changed. Did it get broken? Did users complain that it needed improvement? An update here causes an out-dated feature … the plugin that used to work doesn’t work anymore and you go: (O.o) “What happened?” (???) If that isn’t frustrating enough, some platforms shut down totally! Eh! No matter. My advice is that you keep on blogging. And …??? And keep backup copies of your blog content. You never know when your blog might disappear because the platform closed down without warning.

PROs and CONs of Social Blogging Communities

My initial blogging experiences were trying to publish stand-alone blogs and doing everything within my power to promote my content and drive traffic to my monetized websites. As time went on, my path crossed with other struggling bloggers, who suggested that I join social blogging communities. The phrase “social blogging” has different uses or interpretations. Social blogging, in the context of this article, means a community of bloggers who publish blog posts and also socialize with each other. The site serves as a blog publishing platform and a social network.


  • All of these blogging communities are free to join. There is no charge or fee to create an account and get started.
  • These sites usually have a very good ranking within organic search engine results (usually higher than your own stand-alone blogs).
  • When you create a profile at these sites, the Administrators often allow you to share a link to your own blog which might redirect traffic to your monetized websites.
  • Your content at these sites is quickly indexed so it can be found via the search engines. This lends itself to improving your online reputation as a blogger.
  • Many of these communities have revenue-sharing plans and that means you can earn income from your blogging and other activity at the site.


  • The negative is that, much like the blog publishing platforms, many of these sites shut down.


As you can see, if you are a newbie blogger, the PROs of becoming an active member of a social blogging community outweigh the CONs. If you decide to blog, you can publish a stand-alone blog and/or join a social blogging community. However, in my opinion, based on my experience, it’s best if you do both! Unfortunately, whether or not the blog publishing platform or social blogging community shuts down is beyond our control.

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    Blogging at first stage is not always easy, whether its stand alone or social, but stand alone is best because it helps you learn and see your failures to overcome it.
    Thanks for this great article.

  20. Glory Edet says:

    Blogging at first stage is not always easy, whether its stand alone or social, but stand alone is best because it helps you learn and see your failures to overcome it.
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