3 Reasons Why You Should Love Pomegranates

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Pomegranates are a ruby red deliciously sweet exotic fruit and the seeds inside look like jewels. It’s that time of the year in the USA, my favorite time of the year. Beginning in September or October, we start enjoying the colors of autumn, preparing for and celebrating fun holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and looking forward to spending time with family and close friends.

You are probably wondering what do pomegranates have to do with any of this? Uumm … nothing really! It’s just me. It’s not an American tradition to include this particular fruit in our holidays and celebrations but I think it should be. These are my 3 reasons why.

Reason 1: Pomegranates Should Be Included in the Traditional Cornucopia

First of all, pomegranates are a “super food”, which means they have numerous health benefits. Additionally, the harvesting season for pomegranates usually occurs in September and October. The traditional American Thanksgiving cornucopia, also called “horn of plenty” includes most of the typical autumn fruits and vegetables (corn, pumpkin, apples, etc.). Since it’s the harvesting time for pomegranates, why not include them too?

Needless to say my idea has not caught on. Time honored traditions are hard to change. But I am undaunted by the lack of support for my cornucopia idea. Instead, I have gone further to suggest that these lovely ruby red fruits be added to our Christmas festivities. Why not? They’re red! And red is a Christmas color. My late mother always put out bowls of fresh fruit on Christmas Eve. But there were never any pomegranates in the mix. That should change!

I know changing traditions are usually frowned upon. But the fact of the matter is traditions are manmade. If humans make them up, then humans can also change them!

Reason 2: Pomegranates Are the Main Ingredient in Awesome Recipes

Many wonderful dishes are made from fruits and vegetables harvested during the fall. If pomegranates are a fruit that is harvested during the last quarter of the year, that means there are wonderful dishes that can be created using them as the main ingredient. Pomegranates are already a part of Jewish holiday celebrations. The Internet is bursting with recipes that include pomegranates. Here are a few.

Pomegranate Brisket with Cranberry Succotash | The Nosher | My Jewish Learning (Often served as part of the Rosh Hoshanah tradition.)

Pomegranate Ginger Sauce | Spruce Eats (Use on poultry or grilled seafood.)

Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt | Cafe Fernando (Lots more pomegranate recipes at this food blog.)

Reason 3: Pomegranates Have a Fascinating Food History

The history of pomegranates is as colorful as the fruit. My research indicates that this food is cross-cultural and has played an integral role in Middle Eastern and South Asian history, as well as the history of Western civilization. This exotic fruit was and still is incorporated into the beliefs and customs of various communities, as well as their cuisine. When you know the history of a particular food, somehow it makes the dishes prepared with that food even better! Don’t you think so?

♦ There are probably many other reasons you can think of for loving pomegranates. But don’t you agree with me on these 3?


Author: Treathyl Fox

Work at Home professional since 2007.

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  1. kalyani raut says:

    It is a nutritious fruit which is good for health.

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    promograntes also boost mans sprem production and also improves his skin tone.

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    This is great! I really do not know pomegranates can be harvested and used to make dishes

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    Very informative article!

    Pomegranates are also useful when we have a fever. It decreases the temperature.

    Please keep sharing we would to read more.

  5. Jayaprakash T says:

    Pomegranates are very health which i always used to take within the curd rice which is one of the beast end meals.

  6. Manju Bhalandyo says:

    Very very useful article for our health conscious.Thank you!

  7. Manju Bhalandyo says:

    Very very useful article for our health conscious.Thank you!

  8. Abdul Ahad says:

    After reading this I`m in love with Pomegranates.

  9. Yoel Jimenez says:

    Pomegranates are so fascinating that they also tell other stories that could have healing properties for humans, that is, it is a fairly complete fruit apart from its excellent taste, thanks for publishing its history and origin

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    Very informative article!
    Very very useful article for our health conscious.Thank you!

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    Nice article illustrating the importance of the fruit.. words are simple & easy to understand

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    I love to eat pomegranates. They are very nutritious and healthy. I suggest everyone eat pomegranates. Thank you.

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    I just started using pomegranates last year. I buy them when they’re on sale and have been finding all sorts of fun ways to use them

  18. HICHAM KHALIL says:

    Delicious and healthy food thanks for this article .

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    excellent article the pomegranate is a very rich fruit the first time the probe was in juice and my mother sometimes includes it in salads

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  36. uamr says:

    The article mentioned 3 sensible reasons to love Pomegranates and I agreed with them all. but there’s another reason which I think I should add up to this beautiful article.
    despite the delicious taste of pomegranates, its a fruit contains Antioxidants properties. which is indeed helpful to cure several diseases.
    I personally a “Big fan of delicious Pomegrenates 🙂

  37. lalith poornima says:

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  38. luis robles says:

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    for the knowledge of all in addition to these benefits, consuming pomegranate 5 times a week acts as a potent sexual stimulant for men and women

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