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As imperfect beings striving and struggling to be perfect, it can be so difficult to love someone unconditionally, lots of love and loving comes with conditions which it’s not supposed to be so. Some people love because of money, height, earthly possession, skin type or

How To Make Money From Your Hobbies

We all are dedicating some of our spare time to our hobbies, just because they bring us joy and we are passionate about them. However, some of our hobbies taken more seriously can be turned into a steady income stream every single month with proper

How to Combine Cardio with Weight training

Let’s say your goal is to lose fat, build muscles as quickly and effectively as possible, and in order to do so – you’ve determined that you need to do both weight lifting and cardio. Now let’s also assume that you’re going to be doing

South Dakota is a Great Place for Vacation

It’s easy to find articles trying to entice people to relocate to North Dakota. Like this one published by Livability: 8 Reasons to Move to North Dakota. You get no argument from me PRO or CON. North Dakota might be the best state in the USA to

Surviving a heartbreak

This is one issue in life that we hate to confront but the fact still remains that it might come when one least expected it but that’s life for you. It comes with both pains and laughter and the best bet is to be strong

Hi lovely People- You stand a chance to earn better

Are you tall and handsome? Your body type, genes, height, earning have a relation in between them. No I am not going to tell you to get a job in fashion or sex industry or making extra money by selling your body. No, please don’t