Why You Should Eat Organic: Benefits of Organic Food

What is organic food?

The organic food or organic produce are the foodstuffs grown or raised without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones. Organic foods are grown naturally by using natural seeds (not genetically modified) and organic fertilizer (manure from animals or vegetable matter).

The organic food does not only include plant based foods like cereal, fruits and vegetables but also animal based foods like dairy products, eggs, fish and meat products. The organic dairy products and organic meat products derive from the animals that are not genetically modified and are not fed synthetic foods or injected synthetic hormones. Organic food does not contain genetically modified organism.

Why you should not eat non-organic or artificial food?

Non-organic or artificial food contains toxins because they use chemicals in the form of fertilizer or feed, pesticides or hormones during the production phase. When the toxins from the food are deposited in your body, you will suffer from various health conditions, including but not limited to organ failure, cancer, dementia etc.

Non-organic foods are produced from genetically modified seeds, genetically modified organism, or genetically modified animals. Since the foods are genetically modified, they are not natural foods, instead these genetically modified foods are synthetic food. When you eat synthetic foods you will encounter numerous health complications including the loss of bone and muscle density, degeneration of cells, break down in the nervous system etc.

Why You Should Eat Organic: Health Benefits of Organic Food

The organic foods are produced mostly by small farmers. These small farmers sell their produce in the farmer’s market. The food is delivered to the consumers directly from the producers. It does not cost a lot of produce organic food because the producers do not have to invest in chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, synthetic feed, synthetic hormones. Therefore, organic produce cost less. By buying organic, you are also helping the community to grow.

The organic foods are produced locally, and locally produced means the food does not have to travel a great distance. Since it does not travel a great distance, it does not contain chemicals in the name of preservatives.

The organic foods are fresh and are more flavorful because they age or ripe naturally, for instance, organic tomato ripe in the vine naturally. No chemicals are used to hurry the ripening process.

Generally speaking, everything you put in the body goes through processing. What cannot be processed is excreted. However, when you put toxins into the body by consuming foods that are grown or raised through excessive use of chemicals, your body cannot process toxins. These toxins are stored into your body and they ultimately harm your body organs and systems. Many chemicals used in the fertilizers and pesticides are carcinogenic. By eating organic, you will reduce your exposure to toxins.

The organic produce is good for healing body

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  1. Alex Socorro says:

    I am a backyard gardener and the edibles that I plant are for home consumption only with the main purpose of a hobby. When the organic issue became popular, I stopped using chemical insecticides and chemical fertilizers. I have a compost bin at the side of our house that serves as a pit for leftover vegetables and other biodegradable items from the kitchen. Our vegetables and fruits are certified organic that we enjoy at home.

  2. defrix says:

    Thank you, that’s really helpful

  3. BUDDHIKA says:

    The benefits of organic food. Organic produce contains fewer pesticides. Organic food is often fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer. Organic farming is better for the environment. Organically raised animals are NOT given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts.

  4. MARY ANN Granados says:

    Thanks for this info. I agree 100 %. As much as possible we grow our own vegetables and herbs in our backyard, too.

  5. Kumar Syongbo says:

    Thank for providing information us about it’s important.

  6. abinash rai says:

    I’m changing my mind now! Say no to non-organic foods. And thankyou for the info!

  7. Cloud T says:

    Thank you, that’s really helpful

  8. Cloud T says:

    oh great, that’s really helpful

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