Travel Guide for Women Travelling To Nepal: Things to Avoid in Nepal

Nepal, a country sandwiched between China and India, is a country of mighty Himalayas (8 of the world’s highest 14 mountain including Mount Everest), haven for white water rafting (up to grade 6), birthplace of the Buddha, and a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism (there are over 1200 ancient Buddhist temples and 2000 ancient Hindu temples).

Nepal is a safe place for women travelers, no incidents of abuse and harassments have been reported in the recent times. However, women should be cautious while dressing; they should cover their thighs and shoulders. Some men take a cue from Hollywood movies regarding the behavior of women. It is advisable for women trekkers to wear long skirts for impromptu toilet.

Most of the eateries and lodges on the trekking routes are operated by women because the males of the house are either porters or trekking guides. Trekking will give women traveler opportunity to connect with Nepali women.

Women should not travel alone in the hinterland, or trek alone with a male guide. Three Sisters is the only agency in Nepal that specializes in female trekking guides. For details log onto to 3Sisters

In the mean time, free feel to contact the author if you are visiting Nepal. You will be safe with him. LOL!

Things to Avoid In Nepal

If you are traveling to Nepal, you should try to avoid following things.

  • Nepal goes through power crisis all around the year. Make sure you have a torch light when you are traveling in the night.
  • Eat street food at your own risk. Don’t drink water from the tap.
  • If you want a massage, don’t enter a massage parlor without properly knowing the authenticity. Many massage parlors run sex trade, and sex trade is illegal in Nepal.
  • Roads and streets in Nepal are narrow and cluttered. Learn how to save yourself from reckless motorbike riders and public transports.
  • If you board a taxi, never pay what you are asked. Try to bargain or ask the driver to use the meter.
  • Nepalese people are hospitable, however, many people think, tourists are obscenely rich and they will give you whatever you ask. Don’t trust people at once, and try to avoid scammers and swindlers.
  • Nation building is in progress, so it is natural for you to come across construction sites occasionally. Furthermore, due to lack of awareness, air pollution is becoming bad to worse. It is highly recommended that you have a mask for your nose.

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