Tips to improve your Health – 10

 Health is wealth. If health is lost, everything is lost. Follow the health tips given below to stay in good health.

 Oranges are full of vitamin C. It protects cells by neutralizing free radicals that cause diseases.

 Include cheese in your diet. It contains vitamin B and helps the skin stay healthy.

 The resveratrol in grapes increases the blood flow to the brain. This speeds up mental responses.

 Have dark chocolate to guard your skin from harmful UV rays. It has flavanoids that have a positive effect on the body.

 Strawberries are good to eat for Vitamin C. It can take care of conditions like dandruff that could be a result of weak immunity.

 Apples have quercetin. It is a great antioxidant that protects brain cells from degeneration.

 Honey can make you sleep better since it contains a sleep-promoting substance called tryptophan.

 Paprika contains capsaicin, an antioxidant that helps protect your body cells from harm.

 Tulsi facilitates proper digestion and helps relieve stress. Chew on a few leaves daily.

 Fennel is a good source of potassium. It is a necessary nutrient in our bodies. It is important for a number of processes.

 Bite and chew an apple. It stimulates the production of saliva and reduces tooth decay by lowering the bacteria levels.

 A cup of cut mangoes gives 25 per cent of the daily requirement of vitamin A that prevents dry eyes.

 Drink coconut water every day and give your metabolism a boost. It is rich in manganese and helps step up metabolism rate.

 Tomatoes are loaded in potassium. They have about 237 mg of potassium that prevents heart diseases and strokes.

 Take some buttermilk after a heavy meal. It helps to relieve the lining of the stomach after hot food.

 Eat okra on a regular basis. It helps digestion. The fibres help facilitate proper bowel movement.

 Do you experience weakness? If so, eat a piece of mango every morning on empty stomach.

 Want to quit smoking? Eat a banana daily. Its high potassium content and other important vitamins are known to give a soothing effect to the brain.

 Indian gooseberry, or amla is very rich in vitamin C. it serves as a free radical hunter and protects the healthy cells.

 Tamarind is loaded in tartaric acid. It is a powerful antioxidant and boosts the immunity.

 Gram flour, or besan, has healthy unsaturated fats that help bring down cholesterol levels in the body.

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