Tips For Smart Parenting: How to Become a Better Parent

Becoming a dad or mom is the greatest decision you will be ever taking in your life. If you are a first time parent, parenting can be very overwhelming. You might get ideas on how to become a better parent from various sources, however, you learn parenting by becoming a parent yourself.

If you want to become a smart parent, or want to learn smart parenting methods, here are some tips:

Don’t clip your child’s wings: If your child wants to do things like tying the shoelace, wearing the shirt etc. let him do.  This is good for you as well.

Discipline your child: Disciplining the child begins from home. You should make standard rules on what is allowed and what is not allowed. Remember discipline is not about exercising restriction. Your child needs to be disciplined. However, discipline does not mean restricting them. Disciplining means letting them behave properly so that they can become a good person.

Don’t make too many rules: Children, whether he is a toddler, preteen, or teen, he cannot absorb too many rules. Focus on the things that actually matter such as study time, play time etc.

Don’t be rude: If you are rude to your teens, it is very likely that they also become rude to you. If you talk rudely, they will also talk rudely. If you behave rudely, teens will also behave rudely. Teens are rebellious by nature, practice restrains.

Don’t react immediately, never overreact to your child: When your child makes mistakes, don’t react immediately. Analyze the situations thoroughly before, you react.

Become a role model: If you want your kid to be good, you should be a good person yourself. The kids are always watching you, never do anything bad in front of them.

Make them feel secured: Your child should understand you as a safe haven. They need to feel secure around you. Let your child feel that he is safe with you.

Don’t make them act like an adult: A child grows into an adult. It is a natural process. Let your child remain a child, don’t expect them to act like adults. You don’t expect an adult to behave like a child, why should you expect your child to act like an adult.

Don’t meddle in your child’s business: Do you like people meddling in your own business? Certainly not.  A child has his own world, don’t Create an atmosphere of meddling. Don’t meddle in your child’s business, instead watch him, support him, help him whenever he needs you.

8 thoughts on “Tips For Smart Parenting: How to Become a Better Parent”

  1. sundram says:

    Great Post.Good tips.Very useful post for Parents.

  2. maryelin catire says:

    I really liked this publication, the tips are excellent, thanks for sharing this type of articles, very useful.

  3. Alexander Hernandez says:

    Thanks for the advice, they are really useful and work with the first, the second, the third and all those who come.

  4. Johanna Frias says:

    Gracias por estos consejos, los pondré en practica, es de gran ayuda que personas se preocupen por ayudar a los demas a buscar el mejor modo para llevar una mejor relación con nuestros hijos…

  5. Nancy says:

    This article is very helpfull. Sometimes we forgets basic thing about parenting. This article is for those people who forgot basic parenting rule.

  6. Anju says:

    its very useful topic about parenting. excellent tips for parents.

  7. Naveed Khan says:

    Lovely Article. One important thing I want to mention, is to never interfere in your child’s decision to select a profession. E.g, if he/she is more tilted towards sports or computers, don’t force him/her to become a doctor. Its his/her life, let her be the one he/she wants to be in future.

  8. MD Mainuddin says:

    Really Excellent tips.

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