Basil the Amazing Herb

This is not just a simple herb with one color and one flavor or even aroma. Basil comes in green, purple, dark opal, boxwood, lemon, cinnamon, cardinal, spicy globe, Holy, Thai, Greek, and Genovese. All of these also have a unique and individual appearance. You

Ten Facts About Me

Ten facts about me? If someone challenged you to write ten facts about yourself could you do it? For me, writing ten facts is not a challenge. Writing ten fun facts might be a tad bit complicated. But ten facts? Easy peasy! Here goes. Facts

Dill Weed With Health Benefits

Even 5,000 years ago the Egyptians knew to use dill as a medicine and it is especially effective for the hiccups. It is a plant of good omen. Dill comes from southern Europe and Russia. Even though it is now cultivated it can be found

Lovely Ferns

Ferns are a very unique option, they are an interesting plant and they stand out and look great. People will plant them in their houses in pots or they may even have a love fern. You will see that there are all kinds of folklores

My Blogging Adventures: Joie de Vivre Magazine

My blogging adventures are an interesting journey that began about 10 years ago. Some think they can not publish a blog. However, I say that for anyone who keeps or has kept a handwritten diary or a journal, blogging is not much different. If you

Your Skin Needs Special Care

Do you know your skin is sensitive? I wonder when they say beauty is all about color, looks, and has nothing to do with a person’s talent etc. It is also true that skin color and facial beauty is natural and there is no personal

Carrots Are Good For You

The carrot is not only great for using as a nose on a snowman or giving to a bunny to eat but it is very healthy for humans too. It can be great to eat raw, grate in salads or stir-fry. There are many different