Add A Pinch Of Salt To Your Coffee

Do you enjoy having a cup of coffee every morning? As we all know, the coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks all over the globe. Numerous studies have examined the effects of the coffee on various aspects of our health and the

How to Achieve Emotional Independence

What is emotional Independence? You are emotionally independent is when you are able to feel good about yourself, secure and comfortable in your own company. The need to run to someone every time you have a small problem or you don’t feel good about yourself

Healthy Sleep Saves You From Obesity

Importance of Quality Sleep The duration of sleep according to the age groups vary from person to person. A baby needs to sleep for longer duration in the range of 12-16 hours a day but this duration goes on decreasing as the baby grows. If

I am happy because my IQ is low

Happiness Faith and IQ I was reading a survey report that said people with lesser IQ stay happier compared to people with higher IQ. Good job that cleared all my doubts why I am always so cheerful- Low IQ – what else? Honestly, it’s a