Networking Strategy for your Online Visibility

How are you to be found online for those who do not know you before? For this, your online network strategy must build up one goal. Here, I think the goal must be visibility. That is, the greatest possible search traffic and greatest possible attention, which in turn gives you the customer or member growth. A good online strategy uses the relevant social media, or channels, based on their features, in a planned and good way, to reach the overall goal.

The model: The website is the core channel. It is the one we build for our visibility. It is our most important channel. On it, the most important conversions like becoming a member, buying a product etc take place. It is about to compete for visibility. After the website, the blog, which has a lot of the webpage’s features, is a strong supporter to build visibility. In general, blogs are easier up in search results than the web pages do.

Blogger is good at categorizing content and, most importantly, you can discuss various issues and come up with different opinions there. LinkedIn has a lot of the same features, but we do not control the media beyond the blogs in the model. We all are active in various other countries whereas there are other players who own the data and the interactions. More or less, the properties of the social media channels can be linked to space, time and control.

Place: On the website there is unlimited space that allows for great content richness. On Twitter, the space decreases beyond the model and ends with 140 characters and the content is typically text, images, video and links.

Time: On the website, we can place the steady content that may remain for long except for automated publishing with expiry date. The reality increases beyond the model. On the blog, we are at liberty to describe things that will take place later.

On Facebook, we can express what is happening tonight, while on Instagram and Twitter we are present when it actually happens. The dialogue also requires faster response beyond the model. Use of channels requires that the organization is ready to respond.

Control: There is no doubt about who is sending visitors to the website. There is control over what is said and a formal tone is used. Beyond the model, there is more room for interaction, different opinions and discussion.


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    Wow this is awwesome. I really love your blog. Great article. Thank you very much, I did not know, very useful by the way

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    Really great seo tips, i will try to use it on my website

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