Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie: Tips For Buying Lingerie

Perhaps, you are planning to buy a gift for your woman and you have decided that this time you will be buying bras and panties. You enter a lingerie store and start scanning the mannequins, the displays, and the stacks. You might be left dumbfounded for this might be an unfamiliar territory for you.

However, you do not have to worry. You can read the article to the end and learn about the best tips to buy lingerie for your girl.

How to Buy Lingerie for Your Girl

It might be very awkward situation if you are walking into the lingerie store for the first time. Generally speaking buying lingerie is considered a woman’s domain. Even if this is your second or third time, you might still be overwhelmed by wisps of lace and straps. If everything about lingerie is confusing, the golden rule is to look for a piece that appeals to you in terms of style, color, material, and cost. This is the best tip that anyone will give you when it comes to buying lingerie.

If you want specific tips on buying lingerie, the following tips might help you.

Know Her Size

Size matters! Know her size!  It is not very difficult to know what your girlfriend/partner’s size is. You can get a cue from her best friend, find out by looking into her drawer. If you already have the design in your mind, locate the type of lingerie you are thinking to buy and identify the size. A good way to know the size that she wears is by checking three pieces and calculating the average. If you do not have the privilege to ask her friend or look into her drawer, the salesgirls at the store can be really helpful.

What Style She Is Into

You might be thinking to gift a sexy bra to your woman. However, when you go to the lingerie store, you will be overwhelmed with the different styles.

The best way to learn what style she is into is by remembering her when she came to you wearing lingerie. Another easy way to find her style is by rummaging inside her drawer. You might easily get the idea when you check her collection. Based on your woman’s preference, you can choose between various styles and designs.


If you do not know much about lingerie, you might think what the color has to do when the garment is hidden underneath. However, if you understand the color psychology, you will know the importance undergarments color. Choosing the lingerie color is a personal preference, however, the right color can actually make your woman more beautiful in privacy, or even when in the beach or swimming pool.  When the undergarments color matches the body complexion, the only though that comes in the mind is HOT.


Price plays the major factor in buying lingerie. You can get lingerie for as low as $3 or as high as $100, or even more. What you should choose depends on your wallet. The brands and designs determine the price of lingerie. If you want something like Victoria Secret, get ready to spend lavishly


You might think buying an expensive item that is so small and that is usually hidden might be unnecessary. However, the lingerie brands and designs actually count.


You will be buying lingerie only for someone special. Thus, lingerie is premium personal gifts appropriate only for a woman you plan to romance; therefore, when you are buying it make it worthwhile.

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