Lingerie As A Fashion Wear: Fashionable Lingerie For Modern Women

The older generations were probably more contended with decent coverage and comfort only. The dramatic change in lifestyle and with newer inventions of designs, cuts and types of modern dresses has made almost necessary that matching lingerie be in place. For example, an off shoulder evening gown just cannot be worn with a regular bra with shoulder straps.  A strapless bra or pasties have become a necessity in that regard.

A lot has been tried on the traditional bra and panty to give a different look, feel and comfort to the wearers. There are now immense types and varieties of bras for different occasions like party wear, office or daily wear, sportswear or for feeding mothers.

Commonly perceived as a bedroom wear, lingerie has put this notion to an old school category by being bold and beautiful on catwalks and daily life. Lingerie based outfits are becoming more and more popular as a broad daylight wear. In fact, they are gaining popularity as they are lighter to wear, easy on hot days, sexy, stylish and breathable for those who are stuck to the chair jobs. Moreover, imagine doubling your wardrobe by just letting your boudoir go public!

The bolder ladies of yesteryears, had set a platform, through movies and stage performances of the possibility of being able to wear in public, what was considered private.  Today’s fashion world has left no stone unturned when it comes to flaunting a woman’s body with various sizzling adornments.

So, how can lingerie be converted in a daily wear without trumpeting out the ‘come get me’ message?  Easy, redefine your style. Try on a lace-bordered camisole with strapless bra over a denim A-lined skirt and a matching cashmere coat for office wear.

That formal dress code for an important meeting could be found right in your drawer. Have you tried a skin coloured tank under a silk shirt and a formal matching pair of trousers?   Alternatively, a short waist coat or a neck scarf can be added to give formal aura to the entire get-up. For a friendly get together look chic with a mini skirt and pantyhose matched with a turtle neck top.  For those who are worried about the wardrobe malfunction as far as pantyhose is concerned can try on a garter belt to help hold the hose.

The 2016 Paris Fashion show, brought to light how satin, lace and lots of skin can be considered a daily wear without being viewed as obscene. The striking romper worn as a casual wear offers both comfort and style. An out of office meeting can be attended wearing a dark camisole with thick straps with an off-shoulder top paired with a decent calf length denim skirt with a back slit.

The slipdresses and tulle babydoll dresses derived from the lingerie makes today’s signature party wear. A classic black evening dress with a plunging bra or nipple pasties and a matching thong makes a promising finish for a perfect date. Other evening date options can be a lace-up front evening gown with a G-string.

To sum up, lingerie is no more a hush-hush affair, rather, a trendy and fashionable addition in modern women’s wardrobe.

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