Leh Berry Juice- the Elixir at your doorsteps

Leh Berry Juice

There is good news for people suffering from diabetes, heart related diseases and migraine that Defense Institute of High Altitude laboratory a unit of Defense Research and Development Organization of India has developed a wonder drug in Leh, a district of Kashmir state, India.

The Leh or Himalayan Berry is considered as nectar for human body with very low calories and lot of beneficial vitamins, good for body’s immune system and contains antioxidants.

The juice has been named as Leh berry juice

because- the laboratory of D.R.D.O which has developed it is located in Leh in the Siachen sector of Indian side of Himalayas. The lab has developed special technologies on cold aerated on locally available food and vegetables in and around the area.

The laboratory is working on vegetables and plants based products though but also working on development and cultivating technologies to grow related foods and develop better animals, poultry products besides upgrading farming in order to help local farmers.

The Leh Berry Juice extracted from sea buckthorns a plant which grows in Leh under -40 °C (Celsius). Incidentally sea buckthorn also grows in mountainous regions of China and Russia and mostly used for treatment of acne, cancer therapy, gastric ulcers, cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases.

The benefits

We all know the benefits of certain foods especially designed and developed for the health conscious people. Undoubtedly when it comes to choosing such foods there are a lot of options available in the market but Leh Berry Juice is something different from others.

It is indeed a very healthy food (and rare too) especially because it contains everything that we need (and interesting to say it has nothing that we don’t need).  Leh Berry boosts immunity, helps in losing weight and fights diseases, makes your skin glow and wrinkle-free and firm. It was rare and available in particular areas but Patanjali Products (A Baba Ramdev owned company) has made it available at your doorsteps (online). Here is a YouTube link for your ready reference-

Leh Berry contains more vitamin C compared to Indian Gooseberry also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Carotenoids. The juice also contains saturated fatty acids, total acids, unsaturated fatty acids, total flavonoids and total sterols. The Defense Institute of High Altitude laboratory will supply the Leh Berry juice to Patanjali Yoga Peeth in Hardwar in near future that in turn will market the product in five different forms.

The plant which is better known as Gold Mine in Ladakh area of India has now been used to produce Leh berry juice, tea, in form of capsules, jams and citric juices. All these products will be used by patients suffering from heart, sugar and other diseases including migraine. The vegetarians who don’t use cod liver oil can use capsules made of sea buckthorn. It will be as beneficial for them as made of cod liver oil.

Leh Berry is good for mankind

The scientists from Defense Institute of High Altitude laboratory providing training and thorough knowledge to farmers on Trench Vegetable Production technology and Adoption Level in Trans Himalayan Region and lowland areas.

The Defense Lab scientists have discovered that even small quantity of carbon dioxide makes a big difference on agricultural production so they have minimize the use of vehicles in the areas where Trench technology being adapted.

The current need of 500 tones of Leh Berry (as of last year) fruit by Patanjali Ayurveda Institute has prompted the developing the production in Leh therefore they decided to cultivate it in further 12,000 hectare area. It will benefit the local area farmers and patients all over the world.

Note– Leh Berry Juice is available at your local grocery stores and online

Featured Image from Google- Identification credit: Prashant Awale

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