Why You Need SEO? Importance of SEO For Search Engine Ranking

There are people who become nervous about search engine optimization and feel that articles that does not get that little green light on Yoast is a waste of time. SEO is of course a good device for getting noticed on the Internet and an important thing when it comes to increasing your website or blog’s traffic. But of late, it has become a bit of an obsession and something that makes it annoying than pleasurable blogging.

Therefore, how to keep the enthusiasm for blogging and your friendship with Google? Following are the suggestions one may like to try. When you create content for Google’s ranking, you should put your SEO effort in ensuring that the light in the Yoast goes green! You must be aware that these are the content for which visitors come to your blog. Check your statistics as to whether the content you created will attract traffic from Google. It may be anything like posts on recipes, guides, and training programs or related. Alternatively, you can also buy SEO Services

Simply put, it should be acceptable posts that visitors are actually searching for. Think about your own existing traffic from Google and dwell on the issue of how you would Google yourself? These are the posts that you write to maintain your relationship with your readers or viewers who actually follow you and like you. These are the content where the reader can follow you to hear your feelings and opinions, your life and your everyday existence.

This is where your audience gets to know you better and you maintain your friendly relationship with them. Every now and then, it may so happen that you need to just write off. Or upload pictures of children where they are extra cute. Here, you are writing primarily for your own sake, that you want to get out of something or remember something. For this, the posts do not need to have any purpose at all.

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For everything, there need not be any strategy. From time to time, it may so happen that you simply want to blog. Because of this, you could say that they are only one-third of your posts that you need to optimize for Google. The rest is to maintain and build on the relationship with your readers – and to yourself. Everything is not just about chasing numbers or green lights. It is also about the need to be fun to blog.



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