How to Benefit From Crypto Currency Through ICO: The Top Initial Coin Offering for 2018

Ever since Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency was launched in 2009, more than 1500 cryptocurrencies have already been launched until the end of 2017. That is according to Coin Market Cap. The year 2017 has been very fruitful for crypto currency market. The market for all cryptocurrencies grew by 3000 percent. Bitcoin almost touched $20,000 in December, 2017.

In the beginning of 2018, there were news about Facebook and Google banning crypto currency ads, which led to the fall in the cryptocurrencies prices. However, this was just temporary situation. In fact, digital currency is getting more into the mainstream; every Tom, Dick and Harry is aware of the term “cryptocurrency.” Digital currencies are called cryptocurrencies because they utilize cryptography to anchor their exchanges.

In the cryptocurrency world, we also hear a lot about ICO, Initial Coin Offering, or Initial Currency Offering.

What is ICO?

An ICO is an unregulated means in which some amount of the crowdfunded digital currency is sold to financial specialists as “tokens”, in return for different cryptographic forms of money, for example, bitcoin or ethereum.

Crypto Airdrop

A crypto airdrop is when a blockchain venture distribute s free tokens or coins to the crypto community. To be a recipient of an crypto airdrop, you should have coins from the applicable blockchain stored in your wallet.


Digital currency, or cryptocurrency to be precise, is basically are divided into two groups. The first one is Bitcoin and the second one is Altcoin.  Let’s first discuss about Altcoins. Everything other than Bitcoins are Altcoins. Altcoins are typically issued by ventures that have opened up an ICO. Altcoin anticipate themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin.

The Top 10 Recent ICOs

As mentioned above, ICO is the selling of digital currencies in the form of tokens just before the cryptocurrency is formally launched in the market. In contrast with cryptographic money coins, tokens offer more extensive usefulness.

Here are the top ten recent ICOs.

  1. Konios Project: This is one of the best platforms to secure the trading of digital currencies around the world.
  2. Ubex: Ubex is a global decentralized public trade dealing especially in the field of advertisements and tokens.
  3. Tripbit: This is another best platform for digital business. This global currency is famous for services related to travelling.
  4. Dragon Coin: It is an Ethereum-based digital money. It has raised its assets to billions just after it was launched.
  5. Qurrex: It is a hybrid crypto trade incorporating framework of customary stock trade with decentralized system. It is getting more space in digital marketing.
  6. Nauticus: Nauticus uses blockchain innovation for crypto management and online business arrangement.
  7. DAOstack: DAOstack’s offers GEN Tokens. It is another good platform to strengthen the decentralized coins.
  8. Dbrain: Dbrain has revolutionized the Artificial Intelligence business. It is one of the most trustworthy blockchain based projects.
  9. Developeo: It is another multi-project company based on blockchain system.
  10. Coti: Currency of the internet or COTI is a FinTech organization. It offers the digital banking services. It is quite different from other ICOs regarding services.

How to profit from ICO

People use different strategies to profit from ICOs. So let’s discuss some important factors which should be kept in mind.

Time:  The cost of coin increases within the first six months. So, build a team and be patient.

Sell At High Price: Trade your ICOs while buying at low price and wait until the price increases.

Strategy: Just contribute the amount that you can stand to lose.

Research: Do research about ICOs and keep an eye on your tokens.

Sell 30%, Save 70%:  Sail with the tides are high. In other words, sell your coins when the price goes up. Sell 30 percent of your tokens and recover a portion of your venture. And hold the rest of the 70 percent for a few months for bigger profits.

Keep your Crypto Airdrop Safe: To secure cyrpto airdrop use frosty stockpiling wallets. These wallets provide a shield to your coins.

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