Hair Loss Treatment at Home: Natural Remedies to Treat Hair Loss

Hair is your crowning glory. Having dense and healthy hair will hide your age and make you look younger. If you are beginning to lose your hair, you will appear older than what you actually are.

If you are experiencing hair loss or have lot hair, you can go for hair treatment like hair plantation, however, this s an expensive option. The ideal hair loss treatment is the one that you can do at home by using natural remedies for hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

You can use any of the following home remedies to treat hair loss at home. Since these are natural remedies for hair loss treatment, they do not have side effects.

  1. Hair loss treatment with coconut milk and coconut oil

Apply a thick layer of coconut milk on your scalp. Cover your head with a towel. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair with cold water and then shampoo. You can make coconut milk at home by grinding raw coconut and the squeezing the milk. Repeat this every week.

Massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil before you shampoo your hair. Make sure there are at least 20 minutes between the massaging and shampooing.

  1. Hair loss treatment with aloe vera

Massage your hair from tip to the roots with aloe vera gel. Wash your hair with water after 15 minutes. You don’t have to use a shampoo after using aloe vera because it is also a natural hair cleaner.  Repeat three times a week. For best results always apply aloe vera after you wash your hair.

You can get aloe vera gel from the leaves, if you have grown the plant in your backyard, or buy the readymade gel from the market.

  1. Hair loss treatment with fenugreek seeds

Soak two one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water for at last six hours. Grind and make a paste.  Apply this mixture on your hair from root to tips as well as on scalp. If the paste is to think, you might add some water. Keep the paste on your hair until it dries complete. Then wash with water. Use this home remedy for hair loss once or twice a week. You can also add one tablespoon of curd and one egg white.  It is better if you can find fenugreek seeds powder.

Natural Remedies to Treat Hair Loss

Here are few more home remedies to treat hair loss

Make a hair pack with two tablespoon curd, one teaspoon honey and lemon juice. Apply ths hair pack on your hair thoroughly. Wash your hair after 30 minutes.

Make onion juice and apply the juice on your scalp and hair. Keep it for 30 minutes, then wash your hair.

Boil hibiscus flower in coconut oil. Boil it until the leaves become charred. Strain and keep the oil in a bottle. Massage your hair with this oil every night.

Separate two egg whites add coconut or olive oil and mix it thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo after 30 minutes.

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7 thoughts on “Hair Loss Treatment at Home: Natural Remedies to Treat Hair Loss”

  1. Alex Socorro says:

    I will go for coconut oil because it is a home remedy as part of our culture. When there is a problem with the hair or scalp, coconut oil is always mentioned. Pardon me for saying this but aloe vera is good for the skin as a salve for burns. It has nothing to do with the hair. Maybe it can relax the scalp but again, it has no effect on the roots of the hair to spur it to grow.

  2. Sameer Mohmad says:

    Thanks for giving information about good home remedies for hair. First I thought to use an expensive hair oil treatment for my hair fall issues. Now I will try “Hair loss treatment with fenugreek seeds.” I have done some research and my grandmother also told me to use fenugreek seed for hair fall control. I will keep you posted on my update of hair fall issues if I get benefited with your tips.

  3. Robiul Islam says:

    Thanx for it, lets do it, and shall tell u later bout its results

  4. Joel Herrera says:

    coconut oil mix with olive oil really works i use it at home before shower for 60 min

  5. anilkumar says:

    aloe vera is a good remedy for hair loss.cut aloe vera leaf into small pieces and boil it in coconut also helps in hair growth.

  6. UMMER FAROOK says:


  7. tajun khan says:

    Actually this information & guide is very usefule to me. Thank You

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