Guerrilla Marketing: How to Promote and Market on a Small Budget

No business can succeed without proper marketing. In order to generate sales, you need to market your products and services. Budgeting is the key to marketing campaigns.

You can penetrate the market through outreach events like trade shows or seminars. You can also reach the market through ads on newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Billboards and flyers are also a good way to market your products and services. When you are using these marketing tools, you need money, however, if you are just starting out or are on low budget, marketing becomes difficult.

Even if you don’t have big budget, you can still use events as a marketing tool if you roll up your sleeves and step into “guerilla marketing” technique. Giving freebies are no longer working, you need to offer real value. You need to be very creative with your marketing endeavors. Potential customers do not attend events for personal networking, they are there for valuable content. You need to have something of value to attract your potential customers. Here are some guerilla marketing tips.

Most of the attendants are working in a company or are business men/women themselves. They have contacts and friends in their pockets. Through the events like trade shows and seminars, you can have direct access to them. Invite them, cajole, them, lure them. Offer incentives to the people who refer customers.

There are clubs, associations, organizations, and local groups. The members of these clubs, associations, organizations, and local groups are regularly informed about opportunities. Promote your services and products through these groups. Hand them your promotional literature. Provide them the samples, trial offers, or heavy discounts.

If your business targets local people, arrange a gathering of locals, invite the potential customers. Inform them, attract them. If you have budget, advertise your business on local newspapers. Have a flyers, billboards and posters in the places where potential customers gather in large numbers, for instance movie theaters, bus stands, local clubs, library, supermarket, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops, newsstands, bookshops etc.

Partner up with the locals and the local organizations, clubs and groups. Make them your sponsors. Ask well known clubs and organizations to sponsor your events. Your sponsors are your best allies, they will help you to reach their own clients and customers. Use their contacts and database. If you work in tandem, your sponsors will also allow you to have your promotional materials like posters to be used in their offices or during their events.

Word of mouth is a good marketing tactics. Get in touch with local leaders. Inform them about your business, offer them some incentives and make them your mouthpiece. Organize a local gathering. Offer people something that they will consider having some value. If they like your products and services, they will advertise for free through word of mouth.

When you are on a low budget, only guerrilla marketing can rescue you. However, you need to be very creative.

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  1. Alex Socorro says:

    I had some businesses before and I agree that marketing is the horsepower of the business. With a good marketing person and a sound marketing strategy, the business has at least a chance with the existing competition. And how to have a sound marketing strategy is the real challenge.

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      Marketing is not my forte, however, my job forces me to marketing and promotional events. My knowledge is based on what I have seen and now what I have experienced. You say, you have done business in the past. I believe you know the tricks. Thanks for your comment.

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