Fire Your Desire By Wearing the Best Lingerie: Tips to Look Attractive in Lingerie

Originally, underwear came into the existence as a way to cover genitalia, support and provide warmth, protect the genitalia from foreign bodies, and protect the private parts from the friction of outer clothes against the skin. In some cases, underwear was also used as an outerwear especially during hot seasons when outer clothes were uncomfortable to wear. However, today lingerie is more than piece of clothing to cover or protect genitalia.

You may love red or black and might think that white often gives a mixed message of commitment but really anything that catches the eye is good enough. The general rule for choosing colour is dependent on the clothes that you are going to wear over your underwear. Shear clothes needs subtle colours while bold colours may be worn under solid or similar colour dresses.

The evergreen colours are black and red or the combination of these two. While black is known to make the wearer appear slimmer and almost always is a hit among men, red is sexy by default. Red evokes sensual and romantic images and promises a sizzling time.

Sexy Lingerie For Seduction

Seduction sometimes could mean showing more skin. Many men find the lesser the better, when it comes to lingerie. Therefore, minimally covering lingerie is considered real hot. Sheer, lacy and transparent are other options in this interest. Other choice includes pasties paired with thongs or G-string. If booty show or a sexy dance is in order than booty shorts, stripper and layered lingerie may be what you are looking for. For cleavage lovers, plunge bras, Demi cup or balconnete style brassieres are the choices to get the attention at the right places.

If you are bold and daring then crotchless underwear may be an option for you.  Though some may find this a little raunchy, but well, it’s just an opinion. What really makes the lingerie worth is the wearer’s attitude.

For those into role playing, numerous choices exist. There is naughty nurse’s lingerie out there that can dazzle the man and make him real love sick. If you are into BDSM then leather is your prime choice, with all the spikes and collars that you wish for. Match them with garter belt or better; with leather shoes to light his fire.

Connection Between Seduction And Lingerie

Since men are simple creatures, so are their preferences. When not sure of what to choose from, keeping it simple like silk, satin or classic type of lingerie can never go wrong.  Silk camisoles or satin night gowns and robes can be equally seductive as the more elaborate and skimpier choices.

The numerous choices in the lingerie shopping often make one to forget about the accessories. In fact, it’s the accessory that is the real teaser and mood maker. Boa for instance, can work wonders in unfolding a sexy environment as well as help hide the areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable with. The other accessories include, neck collar, stiletto, garter belt and gloves.

Seducing a man therefore, is simply a combination of having the right attitude and the right lingerie.

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