Daddy Time: How Dads Can Play Important Role in Parenting

When it comes to parenting moms have a great role to play. It is mom who feeds the child, cleans the child, and soothes the child. However, this does not mean dads have nothing to do with bringing up the child. Role of dads cannot be undermined. There are lots of things that dads can do which moms cannot. For example, Dads have greater role to play in their children’s curricular and extracurricular activities.

Here are some parenting tips that dads might find useful. These tips are equally important for moms as well.

Keep your expectations high: You should always have high expectations about your child, this will boost confidence in your child. Dads will have to encourage their child to get good grades in school, perform better in sports.

Teach survival skills: Life is full of surprises, you never know what comes next. Therefore, make your child ready for various circumstances, for instance, teach them what to do when earthquakes come, or when stranger approaches etc. Since moms are always busy with cooking, cleaning and other household activities, they do not have time to teach survival skills to their children. Therefore, dads should come forward to teach survival activities to their children.

Don’t boss around: In most cases, dads are the bread winner of the family. Dads manage the finances. Dads are also the decision maker. This kind of situation might give dads superior position and become the boss in the family. However, you should never boss on your child. Don’t judge the child from an ivory tower, instead sit below the child and try to understand his mind.

Respect your child to be respected: Generally speaking, dads have the highest position in the family. Because of this privilege, in most cases dads want respect from the child. There is nothing wrong in this, however, like love, respect is also a two-way process. If you respect your child, the child will certainly respect you.

Give them autonomy: Research on child psychology tells that when it comes to confide something, kids will always go to their mothers. That’s because dads are the rulers of the family. Dads should give autonomy to their children. The child is small, yet he has a distinct personality and individuality.

Treat them like a person: Even though you gave birth to your child, you do not own your child. Children are not materials to be owned. Children are also distinct personalities. They want respect, they want to be understood, and they want to be heard.

Spend quality time: Since dads are busy making money for the family, they tend to wash their hands when it comes to parenting. Children want your time, they want you to be around, and they want you to participate in their activities. Therefore, you must have time for your children.

Parenting Tips For The First Time Dads and Moms

Here are some more tips for the first time dads and moms.

Always tell the truth: What kind of child you will bring up if you don’t speak the truth? If you want your child to behave right, you should always speak the truth. By speaking truth, you will be bringing a morally responsible individual.

Don’t lie to your child: If you continuously lie to your children, your child will stop believing you. If you lie, your child will no more respect you, no more love you. Even the white lies can be very damaging.

Make him feel special: Your child is very special to you, however, does your child know this? You have to make your child feel special.

Know when to say YES and when to say NO: Disciplining a child can be very tough, you should know when to say yes and when to say no.

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