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Upfront Payment Update

We started with Pay Per View. We used to pay $2 per 1000 views generated by user-submitted articles. However, we had to stop Pay Per View modality because some users began to abuse our system by using Traffic Exchange and bots. They started sending fake traffic in order to gain views on their articles. Therefore, we had to disable Pay Per View payment.

After Pay Per View failed, we started testing with upfront payment system. We began paying $1 upfront  to a handful of writers. Then finally, we opened the site for more writers  for upfront payment. We began offering $1.5 per article.

It is true that the payment is not great, however, we are already paying more than the site is actually earning. In order to continue with the upfront payment system, we ask our writers to follow a couple of things:

  • Social sharing: Your article social sharing count should be at least 10.
  • Commenting: You should leave at least 30 comments in a given month on your fellow writers' articles to be eligible for upfront payment.

If you want to continue publishing on the site and get paid for your articles, you have to meet the requirements mentioned above.

Rational Mind is not a place to dump articles, get paid, and forget everything. It is a community that needs active users.  The community will grow only when there is activity. The site can pay well only when the site earns well.

I can't see the number of views on my post anywhere like previously when the number of views and post shared data was available on every post itself. I could not find it in my posts data either therefore not aware how many times I shared or what number of views I got. Please confirm before I post my next article on this site...  Thanks.

We removed the plugin that tracked number of views on each posts. We are using Google Analytic and Jetpack plugins to track the traffic and other data. You can see the number of social media shares on the social sharing tabs on the top and bottom of your article.




I have just shared my post on 3 different sites but it doesn't show on the sharing buttons therefore I will have to stop posting unless the issue is solved. Thanks.