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Rational Mind Club: Get Paid To Write Articles

I am not a writer, I am not a blogger, yet I have launched this writing and blogging platform.

I am a reader, I enjoy reading on a variety of topics. I like reading memoirs, autobiographies, history, fiction, poetry, drama, you name it. I even enjoy reading gossips on movie stars or how to cook Indian Paratha. I created this user-generated article site for my love for reading.

There is also another reason why I created Rational Mind Club: Get Paid To Write Articles.

My father was a writer. For many years he wrote for many newspapers and magazines. However, he could never become an author for he could not publish a single book, even though he had a handful of manuscripts. In his days, it was not easy to publish books, there were no free publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle and Amazon Createspace.

My father wrote for newspapers, however, he always struggled with finances because he did not earn much. There were not many publications, and online media was certainly not present in those days. I felt proud of my writer father, and I also felt pity for my writer father.

I created this site for my love for reading and my respect for writers.

Rational Mind is for new as well as experienced writers. As long as you can write in correct English and churn out 400 words, you can publish on this site. I have been working on this since November 2017. I even managed to invite some writers. However, the site encountered many issues and went into hibernation. After fixing the technical issues and establishing revenue stream, I have re-launched the site.

I have monetized the site with Adsense and Shopstyle Affiliate Ads. I will soon add more ad networks.

The site is not earning anything yet, however, I will be paying the users who accumulate at least 1000 views. When the site begins to earn, I will increase the pay rate.

If you are confused about anything, leave a comment. I will answer every legitimate question.


Hi Dominique. I followed you over from ForumCoin. I'm looking forward to getting involved here, both reading some great articles and posting some of my own.

I have just come across your comment or reply to one of the users in the ForumCoin. I find it confusing of what has been written here. You mentioned there and I quote, "I can pay you $1 for posting 500 words article on my site. You own the copyright, you write on your own byline, you can write in any topics."

Here it is 400 words and before the writer gets paid, his post should received 1,000 views.

Can you shed light on this?