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Getting Started On Rational Mind

Hello there,

Welcome to Rational Mind!

This is Vinaya, the manager of Rational Mind: Get Paid To Write Articles.

My job is to check user activities on the site. I will check for a violation related to publishing and traffic generation and take necessary actions. Until we appoint a technical editor, I am also responsible for technical issues related to website management and website operation.

I am also your guide and mentor on this site.  I will handle your queries and solve any problems you encounter on this site.

Before you get started on the site, check Guidelines. When you begin to publish on this site, we expect that you are acquainted with the publishing rules. We strictly discourage articles of personal nature and articles about other sites, unless it is a review. We expect the users to publish informative articles.

News about the site will be published on the Site Update thread. We will publish updates and important announcements on this thread. If you want to check who received payment from us you can see payment proofs on Payment thread. If you are encountering any problems, you can post your issue on Site Issues thread. When we take any actions, you can read on Violation thread. The Community is a discussion board for the users on Rational Mind. If we make new rules, you can read it here. If we pay someone, you will read it here. If someone is deleted from the site due to the violation, you will read it here. You should check the Community section regularly.

We have set a low payment threshold. On the first week of a new month, send an email to with payment as the subject line. Include the number of articles you published in the previous month along with the article links. Don’t try to abuse our system by using Traffic Exchange and bots, we have zero tolerance policy against violators.

We will try to be as much transparent as we can. We will never delete a user without any reason and we will never forfeit payment without a reason.

If you are confused about anything, you can contact me via the Contact page, or drop an email at

Alternatively, you can also leave a comment on related threads on the Community section, we will reply with a proper answer.


I am new here though not new to online writing. i can't find a way to post articles. I don't see any WRITE option. please guide. thanks.


we have changed your user role. You can now start posting.

Even I am not able to post article here


I just joined rationalmind but cannot see an option to write or post.

Please let me know  how can I proceed

Quote from Divy on January 23, 2019, 2:17 pm


I just joined rationalmind but cannot see an option to write or post.

Please let me know  how can I proceed


send us your username via contact page and we will enable your publishing capabilities.

Can't post on the site.pls enable it.

Where do I publish artcles on the site

Quote from enyi uzo on February 18, 2019, 5:30 am

Where do I publish artcles on the site

We have enable publishing capabilities for you. You can now start publishing. Sorry for the late response.

I have registered and willing to post my articles, thank you.