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My Favorite Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor

In America, the word “icon” is often applied to a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of the society and culture and worthy of honor or great respect. Many celebrities or movie stars are often described as icons. If you were judging them

Face Your Difficult time With Courage

A different Lady Gaga I was going through an article in a magazine about problems faced by Stefani O Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady gaga recently. After reading her story my views have changed or I should say I have become even more positive about

Surviving a heartbreak

This is one issue in life that we hate to confront but the fact still remains that it might come when one least expected it but that’s life for you. It comes with both pains and laughter and the best bet is to be strong

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy a Productive Single Life

Life comes in phases and we should try to enjoy each phase that we encounter. Being single is not a curse and there is nothing wrong with being single to a certain age, no matter what one has achieved in life. It is better for


“Failures”- this is one of the inevitable aspects of human life. At some stage or the other, every person faces them. It is just the way of dealing with these failures which differentiate a successful and an unsuccessful man. Those who consider failures as a

I am happy because my IQ is low

Happiness Faith and IQ I was reading a survey report that said people with lesser IQ stay happier compared to people with higher IQ. Good job that cleared all my doubts why I am always so cheerful- Low IQ – what else? Honestly, it’s a

A Punching bag technique or Drugs

Drugs Crime and Society I have been reading so much about people indulging in violence killing each other, beating and abusing innocent people has become a common thing at the drop of a hat. Since we have changed the terminology from king hit (or you