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star trek

Binge Watching Old TV Shows ~ That’s Entertainment!

Binge watching is bad for your brain. Well there are some out there who say that binge watching is unhealthy. That might be true and I suppose if you’re a youngster you might do some extra research to be sure that you’re not damaging your

Filinta Mustafa

Filinta Mustafa (2014-2016): Turkish Drama TV Series

“Filinta Mustafa” is a Turkish mystery and historical period drama series, set in 19th century Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire. There are 66 episodes and they aired from 2014 to 2016. Netflix was instrumental in bringing this TV show to an American audience. A Clear Line

Day After Tomorrow

Movie Review: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

This is a lighthearted movie review of a 2004 sci-fi film. Even though it’s 15 years old (as of 2019), it’s still relevant today. Plus! Fans of Jake Gyllenhaal, who want to know what he looked like as a teenager, will love this movie! What

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Your Song Lyrics Equal Your Money

Your Song Lyrics EQUAL Your Money. This is sound advice for budding new artists. Agree or Disagree. Those aren’t the exact words that I heard the man say. But he sure did drive his point home. Summary of the Story: Here is what happened. One

Cannes Film Festival

I believe that most people know about the Cannes Film Festival which takes place every year on the French Riviera. However you might not know about its history. The festival was first scheduled to debut on September 20, 1939 but had to be cancelled due

TV Series Review: The 4400

“The 4400” is a sci-fi TV series which ran from 2004 to 2007. Summary Review of “The 4400”: If you like sci-fi/futuristic mystery plots, you’ll probably like “The 4400”. The End was kind of disappointing. But overall each episode was very entertaining.. DETAILED REVIEW: Even