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Darknet: Be Aware and Beware

There’s a Darknet?? (O.o) It figures. Haven’t even learned how to harness the power of the Internet and there’s a Darknet! Without knowing anything about it, because of the word “dark” if you were to assume something sinister or criminal is going on your assumption

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Your Song Lyrics Equal Your Money

Your Song Lyrics EQUAL Your Money. This is sound advice for budding new artists. Agree or Disagree. Those aren’t the exact words that I heard the man say. But he sure did drive his point home. Summary of the Story: Here is what happened. One

Bringing More Readers To Your Blog

If you want more readers heading toward your blog you should create “pillar content”. This content should have all in and out information which is chock full of useful hints and tips. It is about a specific topic or them which then can be broken

Low Cost Blog Marketing Ideas for Traffic and Revenue

In order to generate revenue on your blog, you need a lot of traffic. Traffic makes you money in two ways, one through ad impression (if you are running CPM ads), two through conversion (ad click, sales completed, sign ups etc.). For the blogs, especially

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Every Newbie Blogger Needs Advice and Encouragement

What is the question every newbie blogger must ask and answer for themselves? To publish a blog or not to publish? My answer is: Publish! ♦ Blog Publishing Blog is short for weblog. A blog can be a stand alone project or it can serve

My Weebly Website

Work at Home Tips: Using the Weebly Website Builder

The Weebly website builder is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) application. Many reputable Internet experts have consistently ranked it as one of the best for over a decade. Let me share my experience. ♦ Using the Weebly Blogging Platform To begin with, being completely honest, my first