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Tips to improve your Health – 9

 Pears contain the cooling effect. It is believed to be excellent in alleviating fever.  The antioxidants contained in coffee help develop the cells’ sensitivity to insulin. Insulin helps in regulating blood sugar.  Ginger is very helpful in reducing inflammation. It is helpful

Tips to improve your Health – 8

• Papaya: There is less sodium in Papaya. It results in very small amount of water retained. This is the reason it is able to maintain your skin hydrated. • Honey has antioxidants which fights cholesterol. It also protects us from heart disease. • Zucchini

Tips to improve your Health – 7

• Beetroot is low in fat and a very good source of nitrates. It helps in lowering blood pressure by making the arteries wider. • Honey contains antioxidants. These antioxidants are said to fight cholesterol and also have the potential to shield against heart disease.

Tips to improve your Health – 5

 The antioxidant in coffee improves the body cells’ sensitivity to insulin. Insulin helps the blood sugar to return to normal.  Tomatoes are the best for your eyes. They are rich in vitamin A and flavonoid B complex and helps in keeping the eye

Why You Should Eat Organic: Benefits of Organic Food

What is organic food? The organic food or organic produce are the foodstuffs grown or raised without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones. Organic foods are grown naturally by using natural seeds (not genetically modified) and organic fertilizer (manure from animals or vegetable matter). The

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How to stop snoring ?

Snoring, a common sleep disorder can happen to both young and old. This noisy and often embarrassing problem may not be too serious an issue but definitely for those who sleep around us. As Anthony Burgess , an English Novelist once said, “Laugh and the

Tips to improve your Health – 4

• One apple a day keeps the sickness away. Apple reduces sickness, tension and infection in the respiratory system. It helps increase heart-protective HDL cholesterol and lower blood cholesterol. • Consumption of jaggery on a regular basis helps in keeping the stomach healthy by stimulating

Tips to improve your Health – 3

• Cherries are good in keeping your blood pressure under control. They also help in keeping a healthy cardiovascular system. • Turmeric, the ordinary kitchen spice we use every day is loaded with lipopolysaccharide, a component that improves the body’s immune system. • To effectively