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How to get started with keto diet for weight loss

A keto or ketogenic diet is a high fat, low-carb diet, which has shown to force your body to burn fat.  Many people have successfully utilized it for rapid weight loss. Keto” is short-form for “ketogenic” – which is derived from the word “ketones.”  Ketones are

How to Achieve Emotional Independence

What is emotional Independence? You are emotionally independent is when you are able to feel good about yourself, secure and comfortable in your own company. The need to run to someone every time you have a small problem or you don’t feel good about yourself


Every human being has his own emotional and psychological threshold which when this threshold is crossed it takes the shape of stress. This can be due to anything that falls beyond the handling capacity of the human being. In this modern world, stress has become

Healthy Sleep Saves You From Obesity

Importance of Quality Sleep The duration of sleep according to the age groups vary from person to person. A baby needs to sleep for longer duration in the range of 12-16 hours a day but this duration goes on decreasing as the baby grows. If

Does Emotional Health Affect Your Physical Health?

Life Today Every day we face so much pressure at work, at home, in our social circles and probably in our commutes too. We are like pressure cookers building up steam inside. However, with our need to be politically correct and emotionally cool, we tend

A Punching bag technique or Drugs

Drugs Crime and Society I have been reading so much about people indulging in violence killing each other, beating and abusing innocent people has become a common thing at the drop of a hat. Since we have changed the terminology from king hit (or you

Leh Berry Juice- the Elixir at your doorsteps

Leh Berry Juice There is good news for people suffering from diabetes, heart related diseases and migraine that Defense Institute of High Altitude laboratory a unit of Defense Research and Development Organization of India has developed a wonder drug in Leh, a district of Kashmir

Planning to Switch to Vegan Diet: Some Helpful Tips

Vegan diet has become quite popular across the world. It has proved to be a healthy and effective way to lose weight, stay fit and to effectively manage non communicable diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension. Vegan diet is advocated as a planet friendly diet that