Blogging For Money: Topics That Make More Money Online

One of the most explored areas in the World Wide Web is online publishing. You can easily become a content creator and make money from online contents. If you have writing skills, you must have this desire to publish on the internet. In fact, you might be already publishing on niche content sites, or have a blog on free blogging platforms or even a self hosted blog.

If you are a writer trying to make money online via publishing your articles and ebooks, you might be wondering about the topics that have commercial value. An online writer is always looking for the topics and subjects that pull more traffic. In other words, as an online writer and publisher, you must be always looking for the topics that earn you more money.

Topics Having Commercial Value

You might be wondering what it means by “topics having commercial value”. The true value of any topic is determined by its potential to pull traffic. The topics that get a lot of traffic are liked by the advertisers, therefore, they put more money on the ads related to such topics. The advertisers offer high click-through-rate on topics that pull a lot of traffic. For instance, an ad on the topic that does not pull a lot of traffic might offer just one cent per click, however, the topics that receive a lot of traffic might offer 10 cents or more for a single ad click.

The topics that have high potential to attract traffic, thus attract the advertisers, are the topics of commercial value. Since a lot of people are reading on these topics, advertisers also put more money on the ads related to these topics.

There are hundreds of thousands topics around, however, how to identify topics that make more money online? What if you find a topic that has commercial value but you don’t have any idea about it.

How To Identify Topics Having Commercial Value

It is not very difficult to find a topic with commercial value. All you have to do is to find commercial value on your interest and hobbies.

Try to analyze what people around you do or find interest doing it.

Women love to make themselves appear beautiful

We all want to look beautiful, and this is even truer for women. Your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or female companions take interest on looking beautiful. To make them appear beautiful, women have to learn the art of makeup. If you understand the value of makeup for women, you can cash on this fact by publishing numerous articles on hair care, cosmetics and makeup tips. You will not only earn from these evergreen topics but also earn extra cash by doing affiliate marketing of cosmetic products, women accessories and clothes.

People love food

Now who does not love to eat good food. Food is the number one pleasure triggering factor for almost all people. Some people go beyond eating, they also love to cook and try cooking different dishes. You can cash on this fact by publishing food and recipe articles. If you create unique article on food and recipe, you can crawl on number one page on Google.

If food is your passion and you love spending time in kitchen, you can create numerous articles. This topic is one of the highly views topics online.

Staying healthy is the primary choice

All of us are health conscious, therefore, you can develop articles on health issues and get people to read your articles. You can write about dieting, weight loss, nutrition, herbal remedies etc. Advertisers put a lot of money on heath niche. If you publish on health, you will have ads with high click through rates.

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    Posting was temporarily disabled because we were redesigning the site. Now, everything is alright. You can post new articles now. We do not have internal messaging system on the site. The only way you can contact the member is by posting a comment on one of his articles.

  3. Sameer Mohmad says:

    Great Post Vinaya! What you explained at the beginning is the biggest value for me — ‘Topics Having Commercial Value.’
    It’s been very helpful since I started following your articles.
    I knew nothing about Blogging until I met you. Things are happening for my content writing business because of what I learned from you. Thanks for your knowledge. This post is another one of your gifts.
    Thanks for an awesome post!

  4. Robiul Islam says:

    I have just removed my ads from my blog. It was looking too spammy.

    Now the focus is on my calls to action. I am finding that affiliate sales and content marketing are working for me.

    My long term goal is a membership site.

  5. jose greg sandoval says:

    Excelente reportaje sigo y me informo sobre todo lo relacionado con el trabajo en linea por eso me gustó mucho este post. faltó el capture le dí por accidente al botón equivocado. disculpenme

  6. mbh says:

    posts that are very helpful … especially for beginner bloggers like me, thank you ….

  7. Charles oluchi says:

    A very useful post. blogging is competitive but when you are in the right niche you make money. thanks for this.

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