A Punching bag technique or Drugs

Drugs Crime and Society

I have been reading so much about people indulging in violence killing each other, beating and abusing innocent people has become a common thing at the drop of a hat. Since we have changed the terminology from king hit (or you might call it a sucker punch) to coward’s punch how about we do the same and change the term alcohol related violence to cowardice related violence?

We should keep in mind that there is a time when everyone feels dejected with almost everything going on in their life that a point reached when they cannot resist the temptation of being violent, but it’s not necessarily the point when one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One can very well be violent without having a drop of alcohol or tasting those dreaded things called toxic drugs.

I was working on a mini project on a particular website dealing with role of IT in Medicare sector and the most debated topic was use of Marijuana whether good or bad. Most of the participants came up with the same opinion that if used within limit or as prescribed by a physical there was no harm.

I am not surprised when I read that almost 40% or even more criminals detained by police are due to their criminal acts under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although alcohol is more frequently attributed to by detainees than all other drugs combined but these were not as severe as the ones committed under use of drugs.

Now the million dollars question- Do you think we allow drugs openly or will it stop the illegal use of drugs once they were available at the drugstores? The fact is once a person is under the influence of drugs he tends to forget all about good and bad which is not the case with alcohol to some extent. Surprisingly, illicit drugs, heroin users were more likely to indulge in criminal acts but cannabis users were least involved in such crimes.

Do we have a choice?

There is another aspect about use of drugs apart from crime and that is the number of people dying by the use of illicit drugs which is rising alarmingly of late especially by taking overdose. We can’t deny the fact that there is a relationship between drugs and crime but at the same time the situation in different parts of the world could be different too.

It means that the drug and alcohol related crimes could well be different in India, China, Pakistan or Nepal compared to America and Europe. Therefore there is a need for a study based on demography, per capita income, availability of jobs and social engineering.

In the end, consuming alcohol or using drugs doesn’t give us a right to become abusive. My favorite way to let the steam off is to stand against a punching bag and have a go at it, as I would not dare hit someone even if I was a bit high at times. I feel fine as punching bag sets everything in place once I’m through the process and face the world in a perfect state of mind.

2 thoughts on “A Punching bag technique or Drugs”

  1. Richard Burgess says:

    I agree with you about the use of drugs or alcohol does not give us the right to become abusive, Actually, I don’t think there is a any right to become abusive.

  2. Gil Camporazo says:

    Drugs generally are useful for one’s health maintenance or cure for ailments and sickness. What makes it dangerous is the abuse of using it by the users.

    We do know that drugs are classified according to their usage or mode of purchasing them – over-the-counter (OTC) and regulated or prescribed.

    How to control the abuse of the drugs is too subjective.

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