4 Ways to Make Money on Social Networks

What strategy can we apply to attract customers and make money on social media networks? When I talk about social media networks, from a business point of view, I am talking about connecting with the target audience and keeping in touch with existing customers. IN order to make most fro social media, you need to maximize your social media campaign.

Most of the social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and a lot of others can be easily used to provide your viewers with good and valid information in a fast and secure way.

If you already use a social media marketing strategy to increase the number of fans and followers on social media networks, you should turn them into money. Here are four tips to help you.

1. Always be active and interact with the audience:

During the social media campaign it is very important to interact with the audience and be active. For this purpose you must promptly answer the questions raised, keep in touch and get involved in a meaningful way.

This will keep the audience as involved and help you build brand awareness in the social media campaign. You must be aware that people like to do business with real people they trust, not the logo behind the brand.

2. Provide the audience with motivation:

Give the audience some motivation in the form of reduced or free goods. When people join your network, you can give them discounts on your services or products.

Who does not like a discount coupon for example? In addition to it, using contests in the social media campaign can help keep your network interested and bring you new customers.

3. Use business social networking platforms:

You can use some social networking platforms directly to do business. For example: Allow buyers interested to buy, and post products on the Facebook page created for this purpose.

This approach is easily tracked by buyers, so they do not have to leave the social media network when they are determined to buy.

4. Make use of the current customer base:

Maintaining the trust of current customers is just as important as getting the new ones’ confidence. That is why it is recommended that you keep your customers informed with the latest information by updating them on all social media profiles, blogs, websites, forums etc.

Always answer the customer questions and do not ignore any comments that you get about the applied strategy. Ignoring customers’ problems could end up doing more harm than good.

Remember, just a simple facebook page and facebook group can be a great help.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Money on Social Networks”

  1. Md Masudul Hasan says:

    Yes. These are nice techniques. I get client some times by this way also.
    You can check my social media marketing related website: http://www.smmcart.com


  2. Anuj baruah says:

    Nice tips! We always ignore the customers queries and focus more on selling them or making them affiliates in our progams.By solving their queries i think we get more loyal customers future. Thanks for sharing!

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