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The Cow Palace and It’s Famous Entertainers

The Beginning of Beatlemania Personally, I would say that The Beatles were four guys who were born under a lucky star. There are lots of bands who can be here today and gone tomorrow. Once the world got to know The Beatles they realize their

song lyrics

Your Song Lyrics Equal Your Money

Your Song Lyrics EQUAL Your Money. This is sound advice for budding new artists. Agree or Disagree. Those aren’t the exact words that I heard the man say. But he sure did drive his point home. Summary of the Story: Here is what happened. One

Bringing More Readers To Your Blog

If you want more readers heading toward your blog you should create “pillar content”. This content should have all in and out information which is chock full of useful hints and tips. It is about a specific topic or them which then can be broken

Jardin du Luxembourg

One of the things besides the obvious which is their beauty that I love about the parks in Paris, France is that their names in French make them sound almost magical. Here we have Jardin de Luxembourg which is located near the Sorbonne University and

reading to children

Why is Reading to Children is Important?

Reading to children yields numerous health and social benefits. MedicineNet distributes health and medical information provided by doctors via various newsletters. The featured article in the Children’s Health and Parenting newsletter for April 7, 2018, was about reading to your children. The article begins: “Parents