Darknet: Be Aware and Beware

There’s a Darknet?? (O.o) It figures. Haven’t even learned how to harness the power of the Internet and there’s a Darknet! Without knowing anything about it, because of the word “dark” if you were to assume something sinister or criminal is going on your assumption

Digital Volunteers will help stop Cyber Crime

Cyber Crimes and Role of Digital Volunteers The current trend of misuse of social media has reached to such a stage where not many options left but to save it from negative forces. We are living in the internet age which is a boon for

Protect Your Home and Family

Choosing to protect your home and family you can to set up a home security system involving a certain number of sensors. Sensors get placed on every door and window and should be placed both downstairs and upstairs. In this way, if anyone happens to

A Shiny World of Pearls

For centuries all over the globe, people have loved and treasured pearls. Women for their beauty and how they look wearing pearls and men for the money they can make from selling pearls. To be able to sell or purchase pearls one has to know

Why it is Important to Diversify Your Investment

 “Don’t put all eggs in one basket,” said Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors the world has ever seen. This is one of the most important lines you will have to consider when it comes to investment. If you want to succeed as an

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